We will be using WKF / USA NKF rules for our event.  We have put together a nice collection of video support items to make the general rules clear. The more you know, the more you can engage in all of the karate action.

Saito Karate Do Classic Competition Guidelines


  • Rules for the Saito Karate DO Classic are based on WKF/USA NKF
  • Rules have/will be modified to accommodate less than 5 officials per ring (3 for Kata 4 for Kumite)
  • Participation Items will be given to athletes 11 years and under if you did not place in either kata or kumite.
  • Double thirds will be awarded for all divisions that utilize the flag scoring system.

We love coaches!!!

Coaches are fantastic support for athletes and parents alike.  Please read blow so all coaches are clear of the expectations for the day’s events.

  • Coaches must have 1 of 3 credentials to coach at the SKDC.   Coach’s day pass
    (given at the 830 coaches meeting the day of the event), WSKA Annual Pass (given at the February seminar directed by Casey Mills Sensei) or a USA NKF current coaches credential.   Coaches must be dressed in proper attire (track suit and shoes) and adhere to a coaches code of conduct.

For Officials

The event cannot be run without you.  Thank you in advance for all of your efforts and hard work and dedication for the art and sport of Karate Do.  Please see below for general updates and modifications.

Kobudo divisions:

This year at the SKDC Kobudo will be flagged.  We will be doing something new that we hope our competitors will like.  We will have an over sized ring,  utilize 3-5 officials, with simultaneous ( 2 at a time)  bracketed division.  This will make kobudo run the same as all of the kata divisions.

Kata divisions:

  • Kata divisions will use a 3 or 5 panel system depending on the availability of officials.
  • Beginner and novice competitors may only use the following katas or their style equivalent.
  • Taikyoku – Heian/Pinan—Geksai—Fukyu Kata—Kihin Kata –Chino Kata (Isshin Ryu Sesan)
  • All divisions will perform kata  side by side ( two contestants at the same time).  Exception will be made when advised by the referee counsel and for WKF karate divisions.
  • All beg/nov and int/adv combined division may repeat the same kata in every round.
  • Advanced competitors only: May repeat the same kata in every round except for the medal round.
  • WKF labeled divisions must perform a different kata in every round.

Kumite divisions:

  • For advanced divisions 12-34 we will endeavor to have 5 officials per ring unless circumstances dictate that we cannot.  With a full panel the use of current WKF/NKF rules will apply.
  • When using less than 5 officials per ring the following applies:
  • 3 officials for kata and 4 officials for kumite
  • The referee will also have a vote in scoring but must indicate the scoring side after yamei and prior to returning to the line to give a score.
  • 2 flags and or one flag and referees opinion are needed to award points.  If each contestant receives 2 opinions (2 flags or flag and referee opinion) then both contestants will receive points as in current rules.
  • Judges can reconsider their opinion before the referee returns to the line.
  • This is just meant as a brief overview of the rules for officials and coaches.  For full list of rules please current WKF / USA NKF rules.